what is a gaming chair

What is a Gaming Chair?

PC and console video gaming continues to increase at exceptionally high rates. As a growing number of individuals enter into the world of video gaming, it is just natural that there are more individuals out there looking for a chair to a video game in. When you start your search you will rapidly understand that there are numerous various gaming chair variations readily available from lots of business. It can be frustrating to aim to browse through the distinctions. It can likewise be tough to inform exactly what you are leaving a gaming chair compared to a normal workplace chair. There are numerous gaming chair challengers out there. There are YouTube videos, article and Reddit threads devoted to discouraging individuals from purchasing video gaming chairs.

Any workplace chair that you can be being in easily will work for video gaming. In today’s world, there is a huge distinction in between a chair that you “video game in” and a gaming chair.

Gaming chairs have carved out a unique niche and they typically share the following characteristics:

Racing Car Bucket Seat


The history of the gaming chair originated from racing games like Need for Speed. The original idea was to duplicate the feel you have when owning a sporty vehicle. This is why almost all gaming chairs are designed to look like a car seat. They have very high back-rests and flared out sides. The sides of the seat will generally have extra cushioning. The sides of the back-rest will be somewhat curved inward. A lot of models will likewise have some kind of cutouts in the back-rest to assist contribute to the sporty look.

The sitting experience is quite different compared to a common office chair. The side cushioning on the seat, integrated with the inward curving back-rest, will make you feel a lot more like the chair is holding you than a task chair or executive chair will. The height of the backrest will resemble an executive chair and even higher.

Multi-Color Design with Logo

Most gaming chairs are not in a professional office setting. This leaves a lot of leeways to create a unique and eye-catching chair in a color combination that suits your taste. Most gaming chairs will have the main color and an accent color. Gaming chairs are available in a wide range of color combinations. Everything from neutral colors like black and white, to loud colors like orange and pink, can be found.

Many popular gaming chairs will also feature a logo on the headrest. This helps to add to the sleek look of a gaming chair. A normal office chair does not have obvious branding because most office chairs are being used in business or school settings. Adding the brand stitching is an extra expense that most businesses would rather not have to incur to have a logo. A gaming chair is meant to look cool.  Add a nice logo in the matching accent color and your chair will have a unique appearance.

Fullback Recline

what is a gaming chair

Fullback recline is nearly non-existent in the workplace furnishings world. I do not keep in mind ever encountering this function prior to being presented to video gaming chairs. The primary factor that this function is not present on workplace chairs is that it is a security issue. Totally reclining the back-rest might trigger the chair to tip, particularly if you are taller or weigh more than the typical person. The other factor that this function is generally not beneficial in a workplace setting is since hardly ever will staff members have to recline all the way in reverse. The cash invested in this performance can be invested in other places to enhance the chair.

A lot of video gaming chairs are created with fullback recline. This permits you to lay practically flat on your back if you want. This function remains in location due to the fact that many video gaming chairs remain in houses. The recline function permits the gaming chair to likewise operate as a reclining chair when seeing TELEVISION or streaming on your PC. This is likewise beneficial in racing simulator applications that need you to be slanted backward.

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Basic mechanism

Gaming chairs typically have a swivel-tilt or knee-tilt mechanism. They are the two most basic mechanisms found on office chairs. They are the least adjustable, so they are found on the least expensive office chairs. Higher quality chairs will have synchro-tilt, multi-function or even self-adjusting mechanisms.



One thing that I’ve noticed since getting into gaming chairs is that they are often advertised as being highly adjustable. Compared to low end office chairs found at big box stores, or leather executive chairs, gaming chairs are pretty adjustable. Tilt function, seat height, back recline and adjustable arms are usually the functions found on gaming chairs. But, your normal office chair will be more adjustable than a gaming chair. The limited adjustability found in a gaming chair will start with the more basic mechanism used, but it continues throughout the chair.


The only adjustment found on the backrest for gaming chairs is the recline function. You can recline the backrest, but you need to lock it in place when you get to the spot that you like. Most office chairs will allow the backrest to recline freely and the tension will be controlled with a separate knob so that you can be moving whenever you’d like. This allows for more freedom than a gaming chair. Most office chairs also include back height adjustment; this allows you to adjust the backrest to the position that provides the best support to your lumbar and upper back.


Gaming chairs will be void of built-in lumbar support or adjustable lumbar support systems. This is one of the biggest differences between gaming chairs and office chairs. Some gaming chair brands make up for this lack of lumbar support by providing a lumbar pillow.

Seat Slider

A seat slider lets you adjust your seat horizontally; this allows you to have the correct distance between the back or your knees and your chair. This is typically a function found on multi-function task chairs and ergonomic office chairs. This function is expensive and is not found on gaming chairs.


There are a wide range of armrests used on gaming chairs, but most of the time they are pretty basic. Some lower priced models will have fixed arms that are not adjustable at all. Others have flip-up arms, which allow you to move them up and out of the way if you do not want to use them.

I think that we did a good job of getting high-quality armrests on our Levl chairs compared to the competition. They are height adjustable, with the ability to rotate the arm cap 360 degrees, and they are soft to the touch. They are still not as good as the arms found on the popular ergonomic chairs we sell.

Armrests on ergonomic chairs, in today’s market, are adjustable in almost every way you can think of. They will be height and width adjustable. They will also have arm caps that can adjust in almost any direction. The adjustment ranges are also wider on higher quality arms. Some gaming chairs do a better job than others, but the overall quality will not be the same as an office chair.

Import Quality

Gaming chairs are typically sold for $300 or less. For $300, you will be looking at an entry level ergonomic office chair, with higher quality chairs being $500 or more. In order to keep the price of gaming chairs low, it needs to be imported from a country that can produce it for far less than North American or European companies can. China is that country. We will discuss gaming chair prices in-depth in a future post, but it is important to understand that gaming chairs are inexpensive in the world of office chairs.


Bottom Line

Gaming chairs are a very cool product to hit the market. They offer a very unique option for people that want something that feels customized for their gaming experience. Opponents of gaming chairs are correct. Office chairs will typically provide a better value if your sole concern is getting the best functionality for your dollar, but that’s not the world we live in. People don’t always buy things for their pure functionality. If that were the case, then brands like Beats by Dre, Hollister and Hummer wouldn’t be in business. At the end of the day, if you like the way a gaming chair looks and you feel good about sitting in it, then it is a great option for you.

The At-Home Treatment for Eczema

essential oil for eczema itchEczema is a fairly common skin condition that affects people in different ways. For some people, it is simply annoying and minor, while for others, it can be incredibly painful. It manifests itself in a variety of ways as well. It may appear as small red dots on the skin or as flaking or dry spots.

It’s not entirely known what causes some of the symptoms of eczema, though it is believed to be an allergic reaction. This means that the best way to treat it is by soothing the irritated skin. For some people, turning to medication is the first option they try. They may not realize that there is an alternative that is often more effective and more economical.

Essential oils have been used by cultures all over the world for decades, and researchers in the United States are finding out more and more uses for them all the time. For those who suffer from eczema, there is an essential oil that can help treat the condition and calm the symptoms. In fact, there are several essential oils that work very well for eczema treatment.

Rosewood is one the best ones, and its many benefits, particularly in the treatment of this skin condition, are all covered on Oiling Point. The site Oiling Point contains all the information most people need to know about essential oils. Rosewood oil is soothing in two different, amazing ways. First of all, it sooths the senses, providing a calming scent that helps to calm nerves. It also soothes the skin, easing the pain and irritation of eczema. That’s a powerful combination that makes it easy to recommend for this condition.

Mandarin oil is more of a preventative measure to ensure that eczema doesn’t flare up again. It rejuvenates the skin and helps promote the flow of blood and lymph cells. It can be used as treatment, but it works best to prevent the condition from ever occurring.

Cedarwood oil is superb for killing bacteria. You might recognize the scent from cigars, but it is the anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that make it worth trying.

These are just a few of the essential oils that can be used to treat eczema. At every stage of the condition, a person can treat the problem and get the help they need. No one has to keep suffering from eczema or pay a lot of money for pharmaceutical treatment.

How Many Onesies Baby Experts Recommend

When new parents are filling out a gift registry for their unborn baby, they may start to fret over how much to ask for. If they ask for too much of one item, they may not be able to get all the other baby supplies they need. If they ask for too little, they won’t have enough on hand when the baby arrives and will have to scramble to buy more at an inopportune time.

That’s why many of them start looking online for what baby experts are saying about the right number of items for the baby. One of the key baby items every parent should have is the onesie. Parents don’t want just one, though, as this a great daily outfit for the child, keeping them warm and cozy all the time and giving the parent a way to quickly change the child with a minimum of fuss.

This key baby clothing item is great to have for each and every day, so the ideal number to order is usually seven. It’s always snice to have one of these on hand as a go-to style for the baby. Parents don’t have to think too hard about what the child will wear that day, and they don’t have to fuss with matching up tops and bottoms or making sure baby is covered as much as necessary.

But seven many not be enough. If the parent is always out and about, then having an extra onesie can come in handy. It may not always be possible to have a supply of clothes readily available, but the onesie makes cleanup easy, as it gives the parent something quick to change the child into no matter where they are. They don’t have to fumble through their bags with a bunch of different prices to an outfit.

For those how do laundry a couple times a week, having seven onesies may be overkill. They can simply wash the ones that get dirty as they get dirty. For those on the go, however, having the extra onesies ensure that there is something comfortable for baby to wear at all times.

So, seven is a good starting number, and parents can order some very cute ones from baby onesies, but they can go with more or less as their budget and needs dictate.

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